Entry: My dog Dumb Thursday, October 19

Remember my post about the cats and their escape attempt through the screen?  Thumper had fixed it a couple days after that and we didn't give it another thought.

Till last night.

As Thumper was starting to head over and open the screen door to let the dog in to the house, Rolo walked through it.  Not as in (read in a Forrest Gump or Al Gore voice) "I'm a-running to the doorah and I can't stop in timeh."

No.  He walked through it as if it wasn't there, shredding the screen and taking the entire door off the track and into the room a good foot and a half.  Completely oblivious to the destruction left in his wake.

If this had been the only incident, I would have chalked it up to "bad dog" behavior and chastised him.  But roughly a week ago Thumper was going to let him out and before he could get to the door, Rolo tried to run through it.

The glass door.

The dirty glass door.  (thanks to some rain and a cat who will lick anything, including windows, doors, mirrors and feet)

Again, I might chalk it all up to bad eyesight... but there are other stories for other days.

Did I mention he's a big ass Rott looking dog?  Dumb as a nail sometimes... but he's got a heart of gold.


October 30, 2006   10:16 AM PST
Going to have to get one of those metal grates that you can cover the lower 3ft of screen with. Had to do the same thing at our last place... our mutt kept nosing it until it ripped, then went through :-P
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July 24, 2011   09:29 PM PDT
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