Entry: Real time stupidity Wednesday, October 4


I'm going to post this in real time, just for your reading pleasure.

6:00 pm:
Crazy comes home from wherever she was coming from.  I had parked my friend's car where she would normally park because there is no room in our driveway, but I parked the way you should.  Parallel.  Whore comes home and parks parallel too.  Right next to my friend's car.  I have pictures that I'll post later to show you what exactly that looked like.  To me, it looks like some stress relief and a phone call to the police.  :)

6:17 pm:
The police have been called and they will be here "shortly".

6:34 pm:
It looks as if the parking enforcement is here... but we're on stealth mode.  More to come.

6:37 pm:
She's arguing with the parking official...

6:46 pm:
Parking official just drove away and whore has just moved her car.  We sit in anticipation.  Did she get a ticket?  She spent a long time talking to the parking lady.  She did move her car.  Will she know that we called the cops?  Will she take her stress out on my friend's car?  stay tuned for developments as they unfold...

7:09 pm:
After talking to the people whose house she parked in front of and then talking to our new landlord (to see if she could use the empty driveway next to us) she has gone back into her batcave.  My friend's car is untouched and I suspect that it will be left untouched.  If any vehicle is touched, I think it will be the beast or Thumper's truck.  Who's to say if anything will be done.  Unfortunately our new landlord let it slip that she is our new landlord.  It ruins the surprise I talked about in another post.  Bummer.  Fortunately I'm sure it made the whore livid to realize that we not only have our half of the driveway now, we have the whole driveway.  At least for a month.  Ha.

7:15 pm:
Whore takes little offspring to go only she knows where.  The whole entire time she's walking to the car (oooooo, across the culdesac, what a walk!!) she's staring down our side of the house.  If looks could kill our garden would be pushing up daisies.  Hee.  Hee.  Hee.


October 4, 2006   10:27 PM PDT
I think you failed to mention my baby was in danger... but ya know? It did occur to me when you called me so gleefully that whore had done minor damage to my car and you'd had her arrested. Just make sure it's the bumper-I need a new bumper!

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