Entry: No update Saturday, September 30

The trailer for the hot tub fell through this weekend, so that is on hold till possibly next weekend or later.  My next doctor appointment is Tuesday but I don't expect anything to be resolved from it.  Considering that I'm reliving exactly what happened last time almost eerily so... he told me nothing before and I expect him to tell me nothing this time.  Which makes me wonder why I just don't skip that step and go straight to the specialist... although after seeing three of them last time, I don't hold much water with them either.  *le sigh*

Starting tomorrow or Monday we'll be fixing up the new place and moving in sometime within/during the month.  I'm really excited as it means level floors, carport with storage and a huge garden.  Not to mention space between us and the wench next door.... 

New lease: over 700 dollars. 
Paint: your guess is as good as mine. 
Hot tub: almost free. 
Seeing the look on the whore's face when she finds out 1) we're moving but 2) we're only moving next door and 3) we have a hot tub: priceless.


October 1, 2006   10:35 AM PDT
Hot Tubs... mmmmmm.

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