Entry: In other news... Monday, September 11

I killed Steve Irwin.

I'm sorry.  Truly and deeply sorry.  I didn't mean to - it was all an accident.  See, I was going through some old stuff and I found an action figure of Steve in a bag with some plastic animals about two weeks ago (a week before his death).  I brought them out and put him on top of the lizard's tank.  Unfortunately I put him on his back (he's the figure with the surprised look on his face - I couldn't help it) with his foot in the alligator's mouth.

I put the bad hex on Steve.  I apologize for my actions and promise to keep the Care Bears away from all harm.

Our animal count is now up to six.

Thumper's ex couldn't keep his dog so we brought him into the fold.  So far so good, although the growling is starting to wear thin on me.  Spook is such a baby.  Yes, he is the one growling.  The dog just wants to play.

Yes, I'm well aware of what today is.

And I don't have much to say about it at all.  Nothing that hasn't been said before.


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