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Wednesday, December 6

More things that make me go crazy:

People wearing scarfs that hang down to their ankles.  I can understand a little length to tuck into coats on really cold days... but down to the ankles?  And then walking around with it whipping all over??

Tags on items that make you want to not be a part of the human race because of the obvious stupidity on somebody's part.  Like my new bath sponge.  It's a really awesome penguin mesh sponge.  Cute as a frakkin' button.  The tag on it?  Says, and I quote:
(after flipping it over "See reverse for care instructions")
"Hand wash
Do not bleach
Line dry
Do not iron"
Uhm.  DUH.  Really, it's a bath sponge.  Mesh.  Plastic.  Bath.  Sponge.  But nothing compares to the "first remove baby" tag on a folding stroller.  And you know, you know, that somebody somewhere folded their baby into the stroller and that is why that tag is there.  It's the same reason why McDonald's now has that "Caution: Contents may be hot" on their cups now, even though odds are very high that the contents are not so hot.  And the same reason that "do not iron" is on my bath sponge.  I'd love to see the amoeba who ironed their bath sponge.

Posted at 8:03 pm by the monkey

December 7, 2006   06:53 AM PST
People will do the stupidest things.

Probably always in an effort to either sue (because people are sue happy) or because they are brainless nitwits.

But somehow... not sure why, humanity still thrives.

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