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Tuesday, September 26
Raging monkey


Today the pain was extreme enough to warrant a visit to a doctor.  Even still I felt like digging in my heels (ha) but decided it was worth it for a release from pain.  When it's disturbing my sleep (not to mention my fun) it is time to do something drastic.

So to the emergency room we go.

The prognosis (after poking, prodding and a few token x-rays) are a possible break, but most likely nerve damage.



I'm on Neurontin or however the hell you spell it, and Ibuprofin or however you want to spell that one too.  Heh.

Oh... and get this!!!!

Cast is a good idea (well duh... been wearing it for a couple of days and it does somewhat help) but this is the kicker (again, ha) - I have to go back onto crutches.

For now.  Until otherwise notified.  I figure that means until they figure out whether it's nerve or break and if it's break, healed, or nerve, dead.


Just shoot me now.

End result: absolutely no pressure on the foot for now and do whatever necessary for pain (whether ice, heat, soaks or pills).


Posted at 4:23 pm by the monkey

September 26, 2006   09:48 PM PDT
Nerve _damage_ .... :-/
September 27, 2006   06:58 AM PDT
:( Dang.

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