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Thursday, August 24
Hello... McFly...

I've been feeling kind of... out of it lately.  I don't feel like I have anything worth blogging, so I don't.  My days are filled with computer games, harvesting tomatoes, taking care of plants/cats and watching tv.  Occasionally I do something else but that is the average day in my life.

Until today.

Side note - Our neighbor is moving out in October and we've been talking about moving into her place.  Then we wouldn't have to deal with...

(this all happened within twenty minutes)

We're watching a movie (Final Destination 3 - don't waste your time or money, but especially your time) when out of the corner of our eyes both Thumper and I notice movement in our side/back yard.  At first I thought it was just our hammock swinging in the wind and I think Thumper was of the same mind.  It took us both a few seconds to realize that something was wrong with that assessment.

Thumper gets up while I stop the movie (my heart pounding) and walks out the doorwall.  Seeing nothing and no one he comes back inside stating such.

We both notice a strange truck in our driveway and I say it looks like our landlord's truck (although I couldn't be sure his truck really looked like that and Thumper doesn't even think he has one) but we both agree it's probably someone visiting our neighbor (the one moving out).

But even if it is someone visiting her, why are they in the part of the yard I would see from my point on the couch?  That is definitely our lawn leading to our shed.

So he goes out again, looking around a little longer and even checking the back of the house, but sees no one. 

And then who should come walking around the back of the house but our landlord's son.  Carrying something he left when he moved out (months and months ago).  He introduces himself as "(the landlord)'s kid" and proceeds to get the rest of his stuff from behind the shed where Thumper couldn't see him.

Once he left I turned to Thumper and we discussed the lack of social grace.  I said "Hello, McFly" and he laughed about how the kid introduced himself.  I suppose you just had to be there for that one.

I think the moral of the story is that when you go to get the shit you left at your old apartment/house 1) introduce yourself properly 2) knock on the door to do so.

Don't sneak around the side of the house and make the current residents think they're losing their minds.


As Thumper and I are slowly winding down the "Dee Dee Dee" talk of what just happened, Thumper notices that CN is leaving with a rather young looking guy and her son.  Nothing really new there.

You'd think.

But you'd be wrong.

See... the part that isn't new is her son sitting on top of the car.

The part that is new - her backing up and turning to go down the street.

Did I mention her son's on the TOP of the car?  Not the hood.  I'm talking sunroof surfing here.

By this time Thumper had turned my attention to the antics in the street and we both stood there stunned looking out the window as her son crawls around to the passenger side and pulls a Dukes of Hazard move.

From the top of the car.

He's not even four feet tall.

And I thought my life was boring.

Thank heavens for neighbors and socially inept people.

Posted at 6:56 pm by the monkey

August 25, 2006   08:51 AM PDT
You have some very odd neighbors.
August 25, 2006   08:51 AM PDT
But then again, you know this.
August 25, 2006   11:26 AM PDT
That is just insane. If it were anyone else writing it... i wouldn't believe it.

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